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I am honored to walk in the shadows of all the veterans in the world. War is an unfortunate by-product of human disagreement. It is fortunate, though, that at times of war men and women have responded and been willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary for all of us to live in freedom. Our book takes a cross section of veterans from many countries and gives them the opportunity to express themselves as they wish.
Robert H. Miller

The random group we are showing here is representative of millions who have fought and countless others who have lost their lives. Some in this group are famous, some are anonymous, and many are in-between, but they all share the experience of service to their country in the cause of war. If we spend a few moments looking at a picture of a veteran contemplating his active service, we will have offered him the understanding and respect that we all owe to one another. For that small deed alone, I would like to express my profound gratitude.
Andrew Wakeford
Portraits of Service - Looking into the Faces of Veterans
Portraits of Service - Looking into the faces of Veterans
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